"WHAT" makes Caffitaly different to all the other capsule machines?

The Caffitaly Coffee Machine System

The Caffitaly Capsule System is a revolutionary system which is, because of its innovative design, protected by international patents, which ensures that its founding Italian traditions of taste, aroma and quality are maintained.

The technology at the heart of the Caffitaly System is based on two micro-filters which enclose the ground coffee – the upper filter ensures a uniform distribution of the water entering the capsule over all the ground coffee in the capsule whilst the lower filter helps retain the ground coffee within the capsule and, at the same time, aiding maximum extraction of the precious coffee liquid and maintain constant delivery.

Every capsule contains the idea dose for a true Italian espresso coffee:- 8 grams of roasted ground coffee.  The ground coffee is perfectly pressed to form a restriction for the steamed, pressurised water flowing through the capsule thus ensuring a steady extraction of the coffee obtained and as a result maximising the strength, body and aroma.

Because of the uniqueness of the patented pre-infusion system within Caffitaly’s coffee capsule, protected by international patents, these capsules can only be used in Caffitaly System Coffee Machines and not in the machines of other capsule systems and also neither can capsules for other coffee machines be used in a Caffitaly System Coffee Machine.

In essence the technology is important but what really matters is the final result – the perfect coffee which is at the heart “Caffita” and the Caffitaly Coffee System and the research and efforts which have gone into achieve as close to perfection coffee as possible.

Caffitaly System Capsule

As previously described, the Caffitaly System Capsules are unique in their construction to ensure perfect extraction of the beverage selected every time.

To this end equal care is taken in choosing the finest coffee and other ingredients from around the world.

When a capsule is inserted into the coffee machine, the capsule case is perforated at each end with a single hole which allows hot water under high pressure to enter through the top hole and once infusion has taken place a full-bodied and dense coffee liquid is delivered through the bottom hole into the cup.

The advantage of the Caffitaly System and it’s capsules are that :-

Simple, Practical and Fast :- the single-dose, single-use capsule is ready for use, is clean and easy to use to make a good Espresso coffee.

Ideal Dose, Constant Quality :- every capsule contains the ideal dose for a true Italian espresso coffee: 8grams of roasted and ground coffee.  The coffee is perfectly compressed and delivery is constant – ensuring a superb result in terms of body and intensity.

Full and Unaltered Aroma :- The airtight seal of every capsule, kept in inert gas, retains the aroma and flavour over time – just like fresh ground coffee.